domenica 8 aprile 2012

KB Grow Journal #6

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Veg tent is stuffed full at the moment. Everything is growing so rapidly now. The plants from seed are sexable now. I show how to sex a cannabis plant. Got 1 male and 4 females. Flower room is spectacular. Got some 5 footers in the making.

- VEG: Grown in a 4'x4'x6.5' Secret Jardin DR120 Grow Tent under (2)two 216 watt T5(4 ft x 4 bulb, 6500k) - Total of 432 watts, 40,000 lumens
- BLOOM: Grown in a 7'x4'x9' custom grow room under 2(two) 600 watt HPS(2100k), - Total of 1200 watts, 187,000 lumens
- STRAINS: New York City Diesel, Purple Kush, Critical Sensi Star, The Black, Headband, Cheese, New York City Diesel x Purple Kush, New York City Diesel x Master Kush, White x Chocolope & Fat Bitch
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