lunedì 2 aprile 2012

CLEARUK Leader Threatens Patients With POLICE - Don't Trust A Grass

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I and the other Executive current and prior executives think it is. Peter reynolds should stand down for threatening to call the police and take legal action on patients. For months and months.

This is not a hate campaign, he is trying to sell people like me down the river for his own gain. He claims to work for the cannabis community but denies it exists. He claims to help the cannabis community and calls their enemy the police on the - even a threat is too much in this lifestyle and this living under prohibition!
Peter Reynolds


He has told me these allegations are true before I was made aware of them.


I have set your email address as junk.

However, I will check my junk mail folder on a daily basis. If I, CLEAR or any of my associates or colleagues receive any more abusive and threatening emails referring to falsified information which you are publishing in a malicious campaign of harassment then I will take the followng action:

1. Apply to the High Court for a non-molestation order with power of arrest supported by a sworn affidavit with evidence attached of your harassment. I will seek a costs order against you to be enforced by Sherriff's officers at the address at which you are resident.

2. Report you in writing to the West Sussex police for criminal harassment.

I am already in communication with YouTube about the malicious and abusive video that you have published and you will be hearing from my solicitors in this regard shortly.

I advise you to desist in your abuse and harassment.

Peter Reynolds
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