mercoledì 28 marzo 2012

The Future of CLEAR - Cannabis Law Reform UK 2012

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URGENT: Please e-mail to ask for the resignation of Clear leader, Peter Reynolds. He has become dictatorial and anything or anyone disagreeing with his very profound views is being discredited and slandered. He is trying to convince members that as I and Chris Bovey from the Executive have asked for him to resign for many reasons he has declare we are both sacked from the Executive. He accuses medicinal cannabis users as abusers if they have a high need (higher than his own) and seems throughly set out on making sure anyone who wants to use cannabis other than a white-right wing christian born in England for at least two generations should use it. That counts me out in more ways than one. When I have to spend a year replying to e-mails about his behavior, personal racist and homophobic blogs to my friends its way too much to handle...for all of CLEAR, its members and executives.
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