sabato 18 febbraio 2012

CannabisCureTV: A ROOR For The Cure - Kent Constable Live Cannabis Quest...

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Massive shout thanks to Green Worthing for the amazing new glass. The Weedstar is suffering with some broken parts issues at the moment too so its a welcome addition to the CannabisCure collection. Bongs are better than spliffs and joints and blunts - keep it pure and go for the big hit, you will use less or just get a better effect!

Checkout the latest news in the UK on CannabisCureUK for Sativex updates, Raid updates, MP feedback, and stories about arrest after a hat leads to a a mistaken identity and pets getting their munch on. I completely forgot to go back and cover the E-PETITION and the New Sentencing Guidlines but I will e able to do that tomo for you with another show!

Smoking on some Gheese still - strain review will be up by the end of this week while ive been getting used to Premiere CS5.
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