giovedì 1 marzo 2012

CannabisCureTV: Resin Seeds Cannatonic & Hammer Shark - Spannabis 2012

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At the Resin Seeds booth with Lina and Elizabeth who tell us more about these ridiculously sticky flowers and tell us about their effects for recreational and medicinal use.

Cannatonic tested a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio with over 6% of each back in 2009 at Spannabis. Great for smoking during the day without getting that super high feeling and still the same benefit for the body - great for cramps, spasms and muscle pain, as well as a powerful antiinflammatory.

Hammer Shark is probably one of my new favs after this joint straight to the face, An indica thats high CBD content doesn't mong you out or make your vocabulary unaccessable but realy gives you a fast heavy stone with some supreme falvors. The Dieseltonic X Shark Shock is one to check out at a true strain for the genetic collectors to get their hands on.

Would love to extend my thanks and gratitude to everyone at Resin Seeds, and CBD Crew for putting on a great booth at a great show with the dankest strains and the most welcoming of atmospheres. They really know what this movement is about and the dedication that they have put into the Club and the new genetics for all kinds of consumers in Spain blew me away - its just how things should be!
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