domenica 29 gennaio 2012

CannabisCureTV: High CBD Wake N' Bake - Z7 (Resin Seeds) Bong Hits

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Today I am smoking on some z7 - a high CBD strain while we have a bit of a chat about CBD and THC and highs and stones...or just the different words we use and GW use for feeling good.

The Z7 is only a small limited stock of seeds with very few left of for sale. They are a part of a new breeding project of creating stabile 1:1 THC/CBD seeds for healing purposes. The project is a collaboration between ResinSeeds & Mr.Nice Seeds, called CBD-crew. First line of seeds will be for sale within this month. Thanks CannabisCureTV for trying them out!

Geoffry Guy sound clips at the beginning from Seattle, 2002 speaking with medical marijuana patients that can grow their own...shame he cant do the same here!
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