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Cannabis & Epilepsy - A Medical Marijuana Success: Vernon Phillips
In September 2011 whilst touring the west coast of America with TGA Genetics Dioxide & Earl we stopped in to visit a friend and California Hash King, Vernon Phillips or Phillips RX to pick up a high CBD strain for breeding new medical strains. This is the story of his Epilepsy.

Vern has been in constant pain since he was 15 years old. In his late 20's he developed a brain tumor and to cope with the pain smoked large amounts of potent cannabis. He recalls rolling blunts with 7g of pressed bubble hash for the wrap filled with only the legally available Medical Marijuana in California.

Californians are able to use cannabis and even grow up to 99 plants for medical purposes and have seen some amazing success stories, Vernon's is just one of them and I had to bring it to you.
After his brain tumor was removed he continued to use cannabis to treat the pain and epilepsy during recovery.

He now uses NO pharmaceutical drugs and has been given back his driving license due to the fact that cannabis stops him having seizures and fits.

He has won 3 High Times Medical Cannabis Cups in California. and is a true icon for our movement to be proud of.

Thanks for having CannabisCureUK and TGA Genetics round for some fine hash dabbins and the great medicine!
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