giovedì 10 novembre 2011

CannabisCureTV: Tokin Daily Behind The Scenes - Lavender Haze

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A vid from my last week in Denver with oaul Tokin and our good buddy Tim Martin of John Doe Radio!
CannabisCureTVSmokin some Pinkhouse Lavender Haze $ and a Half months CURED! Smokin in a nice Darby bong!

JDR Show/ William Breathes, Cure UK, Steve Elliott and Paul Tokin

I was skating through the park on when I saw a 3 guys who looked like they were about to skin up. As I walked over to them and said "High!" they looked a little worried so i pulled out my mini jam jar and pipe which put them at ease!

2 young 20ish males and an older male who admitted to being an alcoholic and a heroin user for 20 years. Says the Gateway theory is a lie and it is down to personal choice.

He mentions the medical benefits of cannabis being better than any pills his friends with MS has to take.

Young male says weed smoking makes you want to stay at home and do nothing but agrees that it is a persons choice to do that and it doesn't actually physicay stop you from doing thing (proved by him standing in the park). Likes mixing weed and beer together cause thats his buzz, agrees he shouldn't be criminalized for his choice. Changes his mind from thinking cannabis possession should be a criminal offense.

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