domenica 6 novembre 2011

CannabisCureTV: This is not a pipe - Amnesia joint with Caremello Hash &...

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Rolling a joint of some kind medicines that the weed faerie brought me.
A show packed in with lots of information prompted by your questions - so thanks for your responses and questions, this is what it is all about. Community and communication. is where you can find out all of your local and national representatives. This is how we make our voices heard and how you can find out what your MP thinks about cannabis, -medical - recreational - right to homegrow -vietnamese gangs -child slavery -tax posibilities.

Check for more info and see the rest of the site, make yourselves at home!

Laid Blak - Bristol Love
Laid Blak - Red (dubstep)Chasing Shadows Rmx)
Ganja White Knight - Peace By Fear

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